Strawberries & Cream, Romeo & Juliet, Telemarketing & Email

Strawberries & Cream, Romeo & Juliet, Telemarketing & Email

Telemarketing and email are a match made in marketing heaven according to new research by the Direct Marketing Association (DMA). But some marketers don’t seem to appreciate the benefits of this relationship.

The Contact Centre & Telemarketing Council of the DMA conducted research across 1,000 UK consumers and 210 marketing executives in the summer of 2014. The aim was to get objective facts about the value of telemarketing in the marketing mix.

What stands out is the benefit that telemarketing can bring when integrated with other channels.

81% of marketers agreed that integrating with other channels, either before or after a call, improved results. Yet so often B2B telemarketing is used as a short-term, tactical response to falling quarterly sales figures. Time for some strategic, planned integration maybe?

So if telemarketing is Romeo, who is his Juliet? What’s the cream on the strawberries? The answer is Email. A staggering 89% said the channel gives the best results when married to telemarketing.

Websites and direct mail scored 46% and 29% respectively, yet the action people are most likely to take after being contacted on the phone is to visit your company’s website. So make sure what your salespeople say on the phone is reflected by what contacts read online.

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