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Quick fixes to improve B2B lead generation (at least one will be new to you)

Quick fixes to improve B2B lead generation (one will be new to you)

Marketing is broken. Well, bits of it. It's important to check and fix errors and bad decisions. Pull in for an occasional pitstop and improve ...
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Stop counting 'Likes' - it's a waste of time

Stop counting ‘Likes’ – it’s a waste of time

What’s the value of a Like on social media? According to research by Harvard Business Review, the value is very little. Maybe it’s time to ...
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You're not getting enough traffic from Social Media, here's why...

You’re not getting enough traffic from Social Media, here’s why…

If you have looked at Google Analytics and been disheartened by the volume of traffic your website gets from social media, don't despair. You are ...
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Should you stop marketing during the Coronavirus outbreak? 10 things you might consider

Should you stop marketing during the Coronavirus outbreak? 10 things you might consider

Coronavirus is having a devastating impact. Lives are being lost, jobs and the economy are unstable. Organisations have been scratching their heads about the (temporary) ...
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Testimonial Kevin

“Graham is a conscientious self-motivated marketer. He is always exploring new avenues to market in innovative ways that have pushed the boundaries within our industry.”

Kevin Stewart
Sales Director
MBA Group

Testimonial Elesha

“It’s a rare thing within marketing to be gifted both creatively and analytically, to have equal ability across the board of design, data and copy. I would describe Graham as encompassing all the above, he is an entire department within a single entity.”

Elesha Bentley
Marketing Campaign Manager
Virgin Media

Testimonial Mark

“Graham built a marketing function from scratch, set strategy, built plans and executed all hands-on marketing delivery. He was absolutely excellent in this role. He brought deep marketing expertise and knowledge, and brought Curo on leaps and bounds in terms of their market imagine and profile.”

Mark Sewell
Co-Founder & COO
Curo Services

Testimonial Rachel

“Graham has phenomenal knowledge and experience across the board in marketing and brings a wealth of expertise and energy with him. He’s organised, full of ideas, and has a good combination of strategic vision, practical experience and attention to detail.”

Rachel Maile
Marketing Officer

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