About Me

Graham Smith

An award-winning, Marketing Consultant with over 25 years experience in both online and offline marketing.

Currently focusing on content-driven marketing programmes, lead generation and data quality/compliance (GDPR and ePrivacy) as well as account based marketing.

A qualified marketer and Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), I also served on the ‘GDPR Working Party’ at the Data Marketing Association (DMA) and was a Council member at the DMA for 3 years.

My special areas of interest include:

• Account Based Marketing (ABM)
• Growth Hacking
• Demand Generation
• Content Marketing
• Marketing Data & CRM
• Social Media, LinkedIn
• Email Marketing
• Voice Marketing
• Search Engine Optimisation
• Google Marketing Platform (Google Ads)
• Events & Webinars

I have held board-level Directorships in marketing firms and worked in sectors as varied as IT / Technology, Recruitment, Business Services, Manufacturing, and Construction.


Recruiter Awards 2019
May 2019
Finalist in the Recruiter Awards 2019 for a marketing campaign to become the first Microsoft Partner in Space.

Recruitment Marketing Awards 2018
March & September 2018
Finalist in two awards for recruitment marketing; OnRec Awards 2018 and Recruitment Marketing Awards 2018.

CIM CPD Award (2018)
September 2018
Demonstrated commitment to improving knowledge and skills within the marketing profession.

IDM CPD Award (2018)
February 2018
Demonstrated commitment to self-improvement and ongoing development.

ROI awards 2014
June 2014
The ROI Awards recognise the ten organisations whose technology deployments have achieved exceptional quantifiable business results.

Best of the Best international print award
October 2010
Award for producing the world’s first variable-content printed magazine.


‘Telemarketing kills kittens’
Telemarketing does not kill kittens, but the views expressed by some commentators could make you think it does.

This book provides evidence that telemarketing is one of the most effective B2B marketing channels. I was a late convert to the benefits of B2B telemarketing. In common with many marketing executives, I was unsure if it was part of the sales or marketing department – and like many of my colleagues, I thought it seemed a bit old-fashioned. The transformation came when I witnessed first-hand the power of telemarketing when it is done well, and recognised when I had been on the receiving end of a good sales call.

All of this, combined with four years as Marketing Director of a telemarketing agency, drove me to write this book and redress the balance. I want to give CEOs and marketing/sales executives the evidence they need to make informed decisions about a potent tool.

Available on Amazon.

‘Telemarketing Kills Kittens’ made it to the Best Telemarketing Books of All Time

I’m happy to announce that my book, ‘Telemarketing Kills Kittens’, made it to BookAuthority’s Best Telemarketing Books of All Time.

BookAuthority collects and ranks the best books in the world, and it is a great honour to get this kind of recognition. Thank you, everyone, for your support!

Opinions expressed are my own and not of my employer.