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These marketing tools help you get things right. They help ensure your marketing tests are valid, and (if you are a tech start-up) they help ensure equity is distributed fairly across the Founders. Oh, and they’re free.

Test Size Calculator (v1.1)

Before you begin your marketing test, calculate how many people you need to include in the campaign. My Test Size Calculator will tell you the valid sample size you need based on your expected response. It will give you figures for different levels of confidence, from 90% to 99%.

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Marketing Tool: Test Size Calculator

Test Results Verifier (v1.1)

So you have done a test and now want to be confident the results are valid. Don’t guess, use my Test Results Verifier. Simply enter the sample size and response you got and it will tell you if the results can be repeated with 95% confidence.

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Marketing Tool: Test Results Verifier

Founders Equity Formula (v1.0)

I do a lot of work with tech start-ups. One of the issues they face is how to distribute the equity fairly. It can be an uncomfortable conversation. This formula will help. It’s based on a matrix created by Frank Demmler. Thanks Frank.

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Founders Equity Formula

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