How to write a powerful B2B telemarketing script

How… To… Write… Powerful… B2B… Telemarketing… Scripts

Most marketing gurus would agree that a telemarketing script is not the right way to deliver a B2B phone call. The call will sound robotic. But calls do need a structure; otherwise, too much freedom for your agents could mean they fail to deliver the right message and may damage your brand (or your client’s brand).

The problem with scripts is that they sound like… ummm, scripts.

It’s difficult for your customer to have a natural conversation with an agent that is reading what to say. Nor can a script cover all the permutations of a conversation or the objections thrown at them by reluctant buyers.

Key phrases

But agents need guidance to ensure they stay ‘on message’. Most of us can recall five phrases, and three phrases are even easier. So, identify the key phrases that encapsulate your message, USP or product benefits. If necessary get a copywriter to ensure the phrases are concise and clearly understood by decision-makers.

It’s also crucial for your telemarketing agents to rehearse and role-play so they can introduce the key phrases naturally into the conversation.

Tell your agents a story

Next, give your agents an understanding of their target audience. Write a story (short paragraphs, 200 word total) describing the typical day, work-life and challenges of the people they are likely to contact.

Stories create a visual in the mind of your agent that is easier for them to remember, it also helps them to connect and empathise with the decision-maker. Again, a copywriter will help breathe life and interest into the story.

Connect your offline and online message

Finally, check your website (or your client’s website). After a successful call, decision-makers are most likely to visit your website. So, ensure the words you deliver over the phone are reflected on the website… especially those key phrases.

Telemarketing scripts for B2B campaigns may be dead, but good copy-writing can still play a key role in ensuring key messages are delivered, and agents are ‘in tune’ with the target audience, as well as connecting the online and offline words.

So don’t think telemarketing script, think structure and copy-writing.

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