Calling all CEOs

Hello CEO,

You’re probably the person responsible for protecting the reputation and revenue of your organisation. Big job.

I’d like to offer some help on B2B marketing. CEOs often tell me about their frustration in not hitting sales targets or how they feel second-best compared to their rivals. Poor marketing is often the root cause.

Lack of quality sales leads, inconsistent or outdated brand image, and a wasted budget are just a few of the consequences.

Briefly, I take full responsibility for improving your marketing… and I do it one project at a time to control the cost.

B2B marketing is my specialist subject, I’m a fully qualified marketer and Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

I appreciate you are busy, but a call will help you better understand the real problem as well as test me against your current supplier – and it’s always good to review suppliers, right?

If you or a colleague would like to book an initial call, just click the calendar link below and select a time for a free consultation.


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Graham Smith

Graham Smith FCIM
B2B Marketing Consultant